The best time to hike to the Sedona airport vortex is at sunset or sunrise. A lot more people arrive at sunset though, so get there for sunrise if you want to avoid the crowds.

I found the energy, the vibe of the place, is both relaxing and energizing at the same time. When you feel at peace all your worries melt away. Sedona Arizona is a place to reclaim your calm and enjoy the outdoors. Believe it or not, there is a trail you can hike if you’re searching for solitude and happen to be on Airport Road: the Brewer Trail. We only spotted two couples on our short hike. After parking on Airport Road, head to your left to start your journey on the Brewer Trail. Almost immediately on your jaunt, you’ll see a tremendous view of Capitol Butte or Thunder Mountain on your left. Be sure to pause to take it all in. It’s quite the sight and one of our favorites in all of Red Rock Country. At about 0.1 miles, the Brewer Trail intersects with the Sedona View Trail. Head to your left and hug the base of a red rock formation.

Not long after that, you’ll spot some of the Village of Oak Creek’s signature red rock formations like Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Take the time to appreciate those views. What amazed us here was how quickly we left behind the bustling Airport Road and were immersed in nature. Expect to just hear the sound of your footsteps on the ground as you hike. We even heard a person playing a wood flute. There’s almost no shade so be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat.

You’ll begin to descend at about 0.4 miles. The trail gets rocky and steep here. At 0.6 miles, you’ll see a wire fence on your right. The trail then winds to the left. Even if you don’t see any mountain bikers, you’ll for sure see their tire tracks. The Brewer Trail comes to an end at Brewer Road. Turn around and head back the way you came. Anticipate a rocky, uphill climb that’s blessedly short.

When you reach the red rock formation, stay to your left to continue on the Brewer Trail. Return to the parking lot for a hike that’s 1.5 miles. If you’d like a longer hike, consider trekking the 1.2-mile out-and-back Sedona View Trail. Or you can complete a longer 3.2-mile-long Airport Loop Trail. No matter what trail you pick, all of the views are magnificent.

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