With its transfixing, rugged, natural beauty and undeniable magical quality, Sedona, Arizona has long been a premiere vacation destination. It’s not only a place of inspiration and adventure, it’s 19 scenic miles of landscape that’s seductively saturated with a mysterious, spiritual energy. Sedona is an alluring small town, located two hours away from Phoenix, and is an interesting blend of nature, artwork, boutique shopping, restaurants and luxury spas. You can easily explore the area on your own, but to fully understand its charm, take a tour. Here are two that I recommend.

When people hear you’re going to Sedona, they’ll probably tell you to take the Pink Jeep Tour, and you should. It’s a cool, unique way to soak up the breathtaking views of the red rocks and learn about the native plants and beautiful scenery. Plus, you’ll be off-roading ON the rocks—it’s incredible. Broken Arrow, which is named after the movie because it was filmed in the area, is their signature tour, but what’s great about Pink Jeep Tours is that they offer several different options that cater to pretty much anything you want to see in Sedona. After taking the Broken Arrow tour myself, I can tell you it’s something you must do while in town. You’ll love it. Here are a few things to know.

This tour is fantastic, however, you should be adventurous and be able to handle a few jarring bumps. Even though you are required to wear a seatbelt the entire time you’re in the jeep, you will still be jerked around a little, but that’s part of the excitement! If you have any special requests or concerns, talk to the company, because they are accommodating and very customer service orientated.

You will be on the tour with other people, which was great for me. I made new friends and had a really good time, but you can rent out the jeeps for a private tour if you prefer.

You will get out twice to see Submarine Rock and Chicken Point for photo ops. Your guide will take as many pics as you’d like, and will also tell you about the area as you ride along the picturesque trails.

And speaking of the guides—they’re very friendly, insightful and informative, in addition to being great drivers. They’re able to take the jeeps up huge hills and go down steep rocky roads in the most cautious, but fun way. I felt safe the entire time and had a blast. They will give you a thrilling ride, so at the end make sure to tip them 15-20 percent. They earn it!

The Broken Arrow tour is two hours, and the only bad thing about it is that you’ll wish it were longer. The time goes by too fast.

Make sure to book in advance because the tours sell out quickly.

*You can also take a Pink Jeep tour in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.