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Red Rock Western Jeep Tours: If you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure, Red Rock Western Jeep Tours is the answer. Embark on a rugged off-road journey through Sedona’s backcountry, led by experienced guides who will showcase the area’s natural wonders and cultural history. The 10% discount QR code from makes this thrilling experience even more enticing, allowing you to conquer the red rock trails at a discounted rate.

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Let Your Imagination Take Flight to The North Pole: The Magical Christmas Journey aboard Verde Canyon Railroad! 🚂🎄

It’s that time of the year again when the air is crisp, and the magic of Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season than embarking on a whimsical journey to the North Pole aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad? 🚂✨

Imagine stepping into a world where the beauty of winter and the enchantment of the holidays come together in perfect harmony. As you board the train, the anticipation of what lies ahead is palpable, and the promise of a magical Christmas adventure fills the air.

The Verde Canyon Railroad, nestled in the heart of Arizona, transforms into a festive wonderland during the holiday season. The train cars are adorned with twinkling lights, wreaths, and all things that scream Christmas cheer. As you settle into your seat, you can’t help but feel a childlike excitement building within you.

The journey begins, and with every clickety-clack of the wheels on the track, you’re transported to a world where imagination knows no bounds. The rugged beauty of the canyon outside your window sets the stage for the North Pole adventure of a lifetime. Snow-capped cliffs, evergreen trees, and the gentle sway of the train create a picturesque backdrop that feels straight out of a holiday storybook.

As you make your way through the canyon, the onboard festivities kick into high gear. Elves, Santa’s merry helpers, roam the train cars, spreading joy and laughter. Hot cocoa flows freely, filling the air with the irresistible aroma of chocolate and warmth. It’s the perfect companion as you snuggle up in your seat, gazing out at the winter wonderland passing by.

And who better to guide you on this whimsical adventure than our resident Christmas spirit, Elf Pixie! 🧝‍♀️ Pixie is not your average elf – she’s got a heart as big as Santa’s workshop and a spirit that sparkles brighter than Rudolph’s nose. With her infectious laughter and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Elf Pixie is the perfect companion for this festive journey.

And then, the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives – the North Pole comes into view! The excitement on the train is palpable as Santa himself makes a grand entrance. The children’s faces light up with wonder as they catch a glimpse of the man in red, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the snowy landscape.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Santa and his elves invite everyone to join them in a festive celebration right on the train. Sing-alongs, stories, and maybe even a dance or two ensue, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a Christmas experience like no other, where the joy of the season is truly contagious.

As the journey comes to an end, and you disembark from the Verde Canyon Railroad, the memories of this magical Christmas adventure linger. The laughter, the joy, and the sense of wonder will stay with you long after the train has pulled away.

Don’t miss your chance to let your imagination take flight to the North Pole aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad. Book now before this enchanting journey sells out, and make this holiday season one for the books – a chapter filled with joy, magic, and the timeless spirit of Christmas. 🎅🎁

Boosting Sedona’s Economy: The Positive Impact of Short-Term Rentals

Sedona, Arizona, is renowned for its stunning red rock formations, vibrant arts scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities. This picturesque destination attracts visitors from around the world, making tourism a crucial economic driver for the region. Tourism in Sedona is a Billion $ industry. Visitors generate 77% of the city’s sales and bed tax revenues. Tourism supports over 10,000 jobs in Sedona and generates over $240 Million in wages. You can easily see how much of a positive impact tourism has on our city. One significant contributor to the local economy is the short-term rental industry. In this blog, we’ll explore the multitude of positives that short-term rentals bring to Sedona, including the substantial $ 15 million in bed tax revenue generated annually.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Short-term rentals in Sedona play a pivotal role in stimulating economic growth. As visitors flock to this breathtaking desert destination, they need a place to stay. This industry has become an invaluable source of employment for residents in and surrounding Sedona. Short-term vacation rentals in Sedona provide employment opportunities in various sectors, including property management, housekeeping, maintenance, and guest services. Property owners often rely on local businesses for cleaning and maintenance services, thus contributing to the growth of these service industries. Additionally, the influx of tourists staying in short-term rentals boosts demand for restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, resulting in increased employment in the hospitality and retail sectors. Moreover, the positive economic impact of vacation rentals ripples through the community, supporting small businesses and artisans who provide products and services to both property owners and tourists. Short-term vacation rentals are an essential driver of job creation in and around Sedona, fostering a thriving and dynamic local economy.

Diversification of Income Streams

The short-term rental market adds a layer of economic stability to Sedona’s tourism industry. While hotels and resorts have traditionally dominated the accommodations scene, short-term rentals diversify the lodging options available to travelers. This diversification can help attract a broader range of visitors, from families and solo travelers to couples and groups of friends. The flexibility of these rentals caters to various tastes and budgets, ensuring a steady flow of tourism income.

The income generated from short-term rentals allows many Sedona residents to supplement their earnings, making it more feasible for them to remain in this breathtaking but expensive locale. By opening up their homes to tourists, locals can generate a steady source of income, helping them cover their living expenses and continue to enjoy the unique charm and lifestyle that Sedona has to offer. In turn, this economic synergy fosters a stronger sense of community and ensures that Sedona remains a vibrant, diverse, and accessible place to call home.

Support for Local Businesses

While the town’s vibrant restaurant scene and local businesses thrive in this picturesque setting, they heavily depend on the steady influx of tourists to sustain their operations. The number of restaurants and grocery stores in Sedona far exceeds what the local population alone could support. As a result, the livelihoods of many in the community are closely intertwined with the ebb and flow of tourism. The eclectic array of dining establishments, ranging from southwestern-inspired eateries to quaint cafes, caters to the diverse tastes of travelers, offering them a taste of Sedona’s distinctive flavors. In essence, the local businesses and their dedicated owners rely on the appreciation of Sedona’s beauty by visitors to keep their doors open, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for those who venture into this enchanting desert town. Visitors staying in short-term rentals often choose to explore the local culinary and retail scene. This means an increase in foot traffic for restaurants, shops, and other businesses throughout Sedona. These ventures benefit not only from increased business but also from the positive word-of-mouth recommendations that tourists provide, which can help local businesses thrive.

Bed Tax Revenue

One of the most significant advantages of short-term rentals in Sedona is the substantial bed tax revenue they generate. Bed tax, or transient occupancy tax, is a fee imposed on visitors for their stay in short-term accommodations. This revenue is then invested back into the community for essential services such as infrastructure improvements, public safety, and tourism promotion. The 15 million in bed tax revenue annually is a vital lifeline for local government, helping maintain the high quality of life for Sedona residents.

Encouraging Responsible Tourism

Short-term rental owners have a vested interest in maintaining their properties to high standards. This encourages responsible and sustainable tourism practices. The investment in the upkeep and renovation of properties not only enhances the visitor experience but also preserves the beauty and integrity of Sedona’s natural environment. Property owners understand that maintaining their rentals to a high standard is crucial for attracting guests and earning positive reviews, fostering a culture of responsible tourism.

Sedona’s short-term vacation rentals have made commendable strides in their efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. With the stunning natural beauty of the Sedona landscape as their backdrop, many vacation rental owners and property managers have recognized the importance of preserving the local environment. They have initiated a variety of sustainability initiatives, such as implementing energy-efficient lighting and appliances, installing low-flow water fixtures, and incorporating recycling programs. Some have also embraced renewable energy sources, like solar panels, to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, many vacation rental hosts promote eco-friendly activities and encourage guests to explore the area in environmentally conscious ways, such as hiking and biking rather than using gas-guzzling vehicles. These collective efforts not only enhance the guest experience but also contribute to the long-term sustainability of Sedona’s natural beauty and ecosystem.

Attracting a Wider Range of Travelers

Sedona is famous for its outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and star-gazing. Short-term rentals make these experiences accessible to a more extensive range of travelers who may prefer a more private and spacious accommodation. Families, adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts often choose short-term rentals for the convenience and additional amenities, helping Sedona cater to diverse interests and demographics.

Revitalizing Sedona’s Real Estate

Sedona’s short-term vacation rentals have been a transformative force in the community, breathing new life into run-down homes and significantly boosting the overall value of properties in the area. These renovations are more than just cosmetic upgrades; they represent a commitment to preserving the town’s unique charm while modernizing its accommodations. The rejuvenation of these homes has not only revitalized the local real estate market but has also provided Sedona with a much-needed face-lift. The renovated vacation rentals offer travelers a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to stay, contributing to the town’s reputation as a desirable tourist destination. As a result, Sedona has not only retained its scenic beauty but has also benefited from an economic resurgence, ensuring its enduring appeal to visitors and residents alike.

Short-term rentals have become a significant boon for Sedona, Arizona, providing economic growth, job opportunities, and diversifying the region’s tourism industry. With $15 million plus in bed tax revenue annually, they offer a vital source of income that benefits the local economy and community at large. Furthermore, they encourage responsible tourism practices, attract a wider range of travelers, and promote the continued growth of local businesses. In Sedona, the short-term rental industry is not just a financial lifeline but a key factor in the sustainable development of this remarkable destination.

Conquering the Red Rocks: Sedona’s Most Challenging Hikes

Sedona, Arizona, is renowned for its stunning red rock landscapes, spiritual vortexes, and a plethora of hiking trails. While many of these trails are suitable for hikers of all levels, the region also offers some challenging hikes that are perfect for those seeking a more strenuous and rewarding outdoor experience. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most challenging hikes in Sedona, providing you with an opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty of this desert paradise while pushing your physical limits.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Devil’s Bridge is one of the most iconic natural formations in Sedona, and the trail leading to it offers a challenging and rewarding adventure. This 4.2-mile round trip hike takes you through rocky terrain, steep ascents, and narrow paths, eventually leading to a mesmerizing natural sandstone arch that stretches across a stunning 50-foot gap. The hike requires strong endurance and balance, and the sight of the arch is a breathtaking reward for your efforts.

Bear Mountain Trail

For experienced hikers looking for a true test of their skills, the Bear Mountain Trail is a must. This 4.6-mile out-and-back trek is considered one of the most strenuous in Sedona. It features steep inclines, rocky terrain, and unrelenting sun exposure. At the summit, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of Sedona and the surrounding landscapes. The hike’s physical demands and awe-inspiring vistas make it a favorite among seasoned hikers.

West Fork Trail

While West Fork Trail may not be as physically challenging as some of the others on this list, its unique features and length make it a formidable hike. The trail winds along the picturesque Oak Creek, offering breathtaking views of towering canyon walls and lush vegetation. The path is 7.2 miles long, which can be an endurance challenge, and the need to cross the creek multiple times adds an element of adventure. Additionally, the trail’s end leads to an ancient Native American cliff dwelling, adding cultural significance to the experience.

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sedona, and the hike leading to its base is a thrilling adventure. The trail is only 1.2 miles round trip, but it’s a steep ascent, involving a 600-foot elevation gain. As you navigate your way through narrow crevices and scramble up near-vertical rocks, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled views of Sedona’s red rock formations. This hike is short but intense, demanding both physical and mental strength.

Brins Mesa Trail

The Brins Mesa Trail offers a challenge for hikers seeking a longer and more rugged adventure. This 8.5-mile loop provides a diverse range of terrain, including steep ascents, rocky paths, and sandy stretches. The trail leads to the mesa’s summit, providing panoramic views of the surrounding red rock formations and the Verde Valley. The length and elevation changes make this hike a great test of endurance and navigation skills.

Secret Canyon Trail

For those looking to venture off the beaten path, the Secret Canyon Trail offers an exciting challenge. This 9.5-mile round trip hike takes you deep into the wilderness, passing through remote canyons, narrow slot canyons, and lush vegetation. The trail’s remote location and varied terrain make it a demanding yet rewarding experience for those seeking solitude and a sense of exploration.

Huckaby Trail

The Huckaby Trail is a 5.3-mile out-and-back hike that features stunning views of the iconic red rock formations, including Snoopy Rock and Mitten Ridge. The trail leads down to the banks of Oak Creek and back up, making it a moderate to difficult hike. The narrow and rocky sections can be challenging, but the constant changing scenery and photo opportunities make it a memorable adventure.

Sedona, Arizona, is a hiking paradise with a range of trails catering to all levels of hikers. However, those seeking a true physical and mental challenge will find the most satisfaction on the trails mentioned above. From steep ascents to narrow canyons, these hikes push your limits and reward you with breathtaking vistas of Sedona’s iconic red rock landscapes. Before embarking on any of these challenging hikes, be sure to be well-prepared with proper gear, plenty of water, and knowledge of the trail’s difficulty level. Safety should always be a priority when taking on Sedona’s most demanding hikes, but the unforgettable experiences and sense of accomplishment make them well worth the effort.

Sedona’s Top Three Restaurants for Healthy Dining: Sedona Wellness Cafe, The Juicery, and Vespa Healthy Italian Café

Nestled amidst the stunning red rock formations of Arizona, Sedona is a town renowned for its natural beauty and spiritual energy. It’s a place where…

Sedona’s Top Three Restaurants for Healthy Dining: Sedona Wellness Cafe, The Juicery, and Vespa Healthy Italian Café

Sedona’s Top Three Restaurants for Healthy Dining: Sedona Wellness Cafe, The Juicery, and Vespa Healthy Italian Café

Nestled amidst the stunning red rock formations of Arizona, Sedona is a town renowned for its natural beauty and spiritual energy. It’s a place where people come to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. When it comes to dining in Sedona, you’ll find a variety of options to suit different tastes and preferences. For health-conscious travelers and residents, the choices are equally abundant. In this blog, we’ll explore three of Sedona’s top restaurants that cater to those seeking delicious and nutritious fare: Sedona Wellness Cafe, The Local Juicery, and Vespa Healthy Italian Café Sedona.

Sedona Wellness Cafe:

If you’re in search of a restaurant that combines flavorsome meals with a commitment to wellness, the Sedona Wellness Cafe is a must-visit. This charming eatery embodies the spirit of Sedona by offering a menu filled with nutrient-packed options. Here are some reasons why it’s a standout choice:

  • Fresh and Organic: Sedona Wellness Cafe uses organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This ensures that your meal is not only delicious but also free from harmful chemicals and additives.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free: The cafe caters to various dietary preferences, offering a selection of vegan and gluten-free dishes. Their culinary team crafts inventive dishes that satisfy your taste buds and nutritional requirements.
  • Health-Boosting Smoothies: Don’t miss the opportunity to try their signature wellness smoothies, which are packed with superfoods, vitamins, and minerals. They’re a perfect way to kickstart your day in Sedona.
  • The Local Juicery:

For those who prefer to sip their nutrition, The Local Juicery is a paradise of fresh and cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and raw food options. Here’s why it’s a go-to spot for health enthusiasts:

  • Cold-Pressed Juices: The Juicery is famous for its cold-pressed juices that retain maximum nutrients. From detoxifying greens to immune-boosting citrus blends, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your taste and wellness goals.
  • Raw Food Selection: In addition to juices, the menu includes raw salads, wraps, and snacks. These dishes are perfect for those who follow a raw or vegan diet.
  • Locally-Sourced Produce: The Local Juicery prides itself on sourcing its produce from local farms, supporting the community, and offering you the freshest ingredients.

Vespa Healthy Italian Café Sedona:

Italian cuisine isn’t often associated with health, but Vespa Healthy Italian Café Sedona challenges that stereotype. This restaurant combines the flavors of Italy with a health-conscious approach. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Healthier Italian Fare: At Vespa, you can indulge in Italian classics made with a health-conscious twist. Their menu includes whole-grain pasta, gluten-free options, and dishes featuring fresh vegetables.
  • Farm-to-Table Ingredients: The cafe sources its ingredients locally, ensuring that you get the best and freshest produce in your meal.
  • Mediterranean Diet Influence: The Mediterranean diet is known for its health benefits, and Vespa draws inspiration from it. You can enjoy olive oil, lean proteins, and plenty of vegetables in your dishes.

Sedona’s wellness-oriented culture extends to its dining scene, making it a haven for health-conscious foodies. The Sedona Wellness Cafe, The Local Juicery, and Vespa Healthy Italian Café Sedona are just a few examples of the many restaurants that offer delicious, nutrient-rich options. Whether you’re a vegan, gluten-free, or simply someone who enjoys wholesome cuisine, these establishments have you covered. While exploring the natural beauty and spiritual energy of Sedona, don’t forget to nourish your body with the fantastic healthy dining options these restaurants provide. Your taste buds and well-being will thank you.

A Slice of Heaven: Merkin Vineyards in Cottonwood

Nestled in the heart of Old Town Cottonwood, the new Merkin Vineyards has taken the wine scene by storm. I had the pleasure of visiting this stunning establishment recently, and let me tell you, it’s more than just a winery – it’s an experience. With its chic vibes, breathtaking views, and a surprise that delighted my family, Merkin Vineyards has quickly become a must-visit destination in Arizona.

Aesthetically Pleasing Architecture:

The moment you lay eyes on Merkin Vineyards, you’ll be captivated by its architectural beauty. The building’s design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with the rustic charm of Cottonwood, creating a unique atmosphere that’s both inviting and sophisticated. It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy a leisurely evening with friends or a romantic date night.

Spectacular Views:

One of the standout features of Merkin Vineyards is undoubtedly its stunning views. Perched on a hill overlooking the picturesque Cottonwood Valley, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas that seem to stretch on forever. Whether you visit during the day to bask in the Arizona sun or come in the evening to watch the sunset, you won’t be disappointed by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

The Unexpected Delight: Pizza!

As a family of foodies, one of the biggest surprises during our visit was finding pizza on the menu. We’ve been fans of the Pizza Wagon for quite some time, and imagine our delight when we discovered that Merkin Vineyards now offers their delectable pizzas. The excitement in my kids’ eyes was priceless!

The pizza at Merkin Vineyards is nothing short of spectacular. The thin, wood-fired crust is perfectly crisp, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful. Whether you’re a fan of classic Margherita, a meat lover, or a vegetarian, there’s a pizza to suit every palate. And the best part? You could have it every day if you wanted to; it’s that good!

Pairing Perfection:

Of course, no visit to a vineyard would be complete without sampling their wines. Merkin Vineyards offers a diverse selection of wines that pair wonderfully with their pizza creations. From bold reds to crisp whites and everything in between, you’re sure to find a wine that complements your meal and enhances your overall dining experience.

The Perfect Escape:

Merkin Vineyards in Cottonwood isn’t just a place for wine and pizza; it’s an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply looking for a beautiful spot to relax and unwind, this vineyard has something to offer everyone. The ambiance, the views, and the mouthwatering pizza make it a destination worth visiting time and time again.

Merkin Vineyards in Cottonwood is more than just a winery; it’s a destination that embodies the essence of Arizona’s beauty and hospitality. From its chic architecture and breathtaking views to the delightful surprise of having the Pizza Wagon’s creations on the menu, Merkin Vineyards has become a beloved gem in the heart of Old Town Cottonwood. So, the next time you find yourself craving a slice of heaven, make your way to Merkin Vineyards and savor the perfect blend of wine, pizza, and relaxation. Your taste buds and your soul will thank you for it. 🍕🍷

The Best Grocery Stores in Sedona

When visiting or residing in Sedona, having access to quality grocery stores is essential. Whether you’re looking for organic and natural foods, standard grocery items, or a mix of both, Sedona and its surrounding areas have a variety of options to meet your needs. These grocery stores not only provide essential provisions but also offer a glimpse into the local culture and community. So, explore these best grocery stores and make your Sedona experience even more enjoyable and convenient.


Safeway is a popular choice for grocery shopping in Sedona. Conveniently located on Highway 89A, it offers a wide range of groceries, fresh produce, meats, and baked goods. This supermarket also has a pharmacy and a deli section, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs. With friendly staff and competitive prices, Safeway is a reliable option for both locals and tourists.

    Address: 2300 W State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    Whole Foods Market

    For those seeking organic and specialty food items, Whole Foods Market is the place to go. Located in West Sedona, this grocery store offers an extensive selection of organic produce, natural and gluten-free products, and a wide variety of health-conscious options. You’ll also find a robust selection of prepared foods, making it a great choice for quick, healthy meals.

    Address: 1420 W State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    Bashas’ Supermarket

    Bashas’ is a well-established supermarket chain in Arizona, and the Sedona branch maintains the same level of quality and service. You can expect fresh produce, quality meats, a bakery, and a pharmacy here. It’s known for its friendly staff and clean store layout, making shopping a breeze.

    Address: 160 Coffee Pot Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336

    Natural Grocers

    For health-conscious shoppers looking for natural and organic products, Natural Grocers is a fantastic option. They offer a wide selection of organic produce, vitamins, supplements, and a variety of specialty foods. The store is committed to sustainability and high-quality products, making it a go-to destination for those seeking healthier grocery options.

    Address: 1915 W State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    Clark’s Market

    Located in the Village of Oak Creek, just a short drive from Sedona, Clark’s Market is a local favorite. It’s a smaller, independently owned store that focuses on quality and community. You’ll find fresh produce, specialty items, and a friendly atmosphere that reflects the charm of the area.

    Address: 1635 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    Explore Sedona’s Family-Friendly Adventures: From Wildlife to Railways

    When it comes to planning a family vacation, Sedona, Arizona, is an excellent choice. Known for its stunning red rock formations and serene desert landscapes, Sedona offers not only breathtaking scenery but also a plethora of family-friendly activities that promise fun and adventure for all ages. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top family-friendly attractions in and around Sedona, including the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Verde Canyon Railway, Jerome, Deer Farm, Bearizona, Canyon Coaster, Montezuma’s Castle, Casino Bowling, and Kayaking on the Verde River.

    Out of Africa Wildlife Park

    1. Out of Africa Wildlife Park (Camp Verde)

    Imagine getting up close and personal with exotic animals from around the world. At the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in nearby Camp Verde, you and your family can do just that. Witness thrilling wildlife shows, take a safari tour to see lions, tigers, and giraffes, and enjoy interactive experiences like feeding a giant tortoise. It’s a safari adventure the whole family will cherish.

    Verde Canyon Railway

    2. Verde Canyon Railway (Clarkdale)

    All aboard! The Verde Canyon Railway offers a scenic journey through the stunning Verde Canyon. Sit back and relax in vintage-style train cars while taking in breathtaking views of rugged canyons, towering cliffs, and the Verde River. It’s a unique and educational experience that’s sure to captivate both kids and adults.

    Jerome, Arizona

    3. Jerome

    A short drive from Sedona, the historic mining town of Jerome provides a step back in time. Explore its charming streets, art galleries, and intriguing history. Kids will love the Jerome State Historic Park, which offers insights into the town’s mining past. Don’t forget to savor some delicious ice cream or homemade fudge in one of the local shops!

    Deer Farm

    4. Deer Farm

    Located in Williams, a bit further from Sedona but worth the drive, the Bearizona Wildlife Park and Deer Farm is a delightful destination for families. Interact with friendly deer, observe North American wildlife in spacious enclosures, and enjoy a scenic drive-thru experience to see bears, wolves, and more. It’s a unique blend of adventure and education.


    5. Bearizona and Canyon Coaster (Williams)

    While in Williams, don’t miss Bearizona, a drive-through wildlife park that’s home to bison, bighorn sheep, and, of course, bears! Afterward, embrace the thrill of the Canyon Coaster, a mountain roller coaster that winds through the beautiful ponderosa pine forest.

    Canyon Coaster

    6. Montezuma’s Castle (Camp Verde)

    Montezuma’s Castle

    Explore the impressive Montezuma’s Castle, a well-preserved cliff dwelling that offers a glimpse into the lives of the Sinagua people who inhabited it over 600 years ago. The short, paved trail to the castle is ideal for family outings and is both educational and visually captivating.

    Cliff Castle Casino Bowling Center

    7. Casino Bowling (Camp Verde)

    For a dose of indoor fun, head to the Cliff Castle Casino Bowling Center. This family-friendly entertainment hub offers bowling, arcade games, and tasty snacks. It’s an excellent option for a relaxed evening after a day of exploring.

    Kayaking on Verde River

    8. Kayak Verde River (Cottonwood)

    For adventurous families, kayaking on the Verde River in nearby Cottonwood provides an exciting opportunity to connect with nature. Paddle along the tranquil waters, spot local wildlife and create lasting memories.

    Sedona and its surrounding areas offer an abundance of family-friendly activities, ensuring that your vacation will be filled with adventure, education, and unforgettable moments. From wildlife encounters to historic towns and outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting part of Arizona. So pack your bags, bring your family, and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery in Sedona’s red rock paradise.

    Instagram Worthy Hikes

    Sedona is a hiker’s paradise, with stunning views of red rock formations and a variety of trails to choose from. Here are some of the best hikes in Sedona:

      • Devil’s Bridge Trail: This popular trail is a moderate 1.2-mile hike with an elevation gain of 700 feet. The trail winds through a desert landscape before reaching the iconic Devil’s Bridge, a natural arch that spans 20 feet. 
          Devil’s Bridge Trail in Sedona 
      • Cathedral Rock Trail: This moderate 1.2-mile hike offers stunning views of Cathedral Rock, a butte that resembles a cathedral. The trail is popular for sunrise and sunset hikes when the butte is bathed in golden light.
      • Boynton Canyon Trail: This moderate 2-mile loop trail winds through a canyon with towering red rock walls. The trail passes by several vortexes, or energy centers, that are said to be sacred to the Native American people. 
      • West Fork Trail: This easy 2-mile hike follows Oak Creek through a lush canyon. The trail passes by several swimming holes and waterfalls, making it a popular spot for a refreshing dip on a hot day

       West Fork Trail in Sedona 

      • Soldier Pass Trail: This moderate 4-mile loop trail passes by several scenic viewpoints and leads to the Seven Sacred Pools, a series of cascading waterfalls.
      • Bell Rock Path: This easy 0.6-mile loop trail winds around Bell Rock, one of Sedona’s most iconic rock formations. The trail is a popular spot for sunrise and sunset photography. 
       Bell Rock Path in Sedona

    These are just a few of the many great hikes in Sedona. No matter what your experience level or interests, you’re sure to find a hike that’s perfect for you.

    Tips for Hiking in Sedona

    • Hike early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the heat.
    • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
    • Wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots.
    • Be aware of the weather conditions and dress accordingly.
    • Leave no trace.

    Sedona is a beautiful place to hike, and with so many trails to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. So lace up your boots and hit the trail.